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Mounting Surface: NFPA D03

Max Pressure: 5000 PSI (350 bar)
Rated Flow Rate: 1 to 11 gpm (5 to 40 l/min)

Continental Hydraulics VED03MX, High Response 4-way servo-proportional valve with precision lapped Spool / Sleeve, position sensing LVDT and Enhanced On-Board Digital Amplifier. These valves conform to NFPA D03 and ISO 4401 mounting standards.

The VED03MX valve is a 4-way (3 position + Fail-Safe Position) Servo-Proportional valve.

Spring offset and precision Line to Line Spool/Sleeve for no delay when crossing “null”, resulting in high dynamic performance and increased control when used in precision Positioning and Pressure control applications.

  • 160 Hz high frequency response operation
  • On-Board Digital Control resulting in extremely low Phase Lag and high frequency operation
  • 3 position with Fail-Safe 4th Position
  • High Precision Lap Spool in Sleeve design provides zero crossing delay at Null
  • Spool position feedback
Rated Flow (Δ 145 psi/10 bar) 1 gpm 5 l/min
3 gpm 10 l/min
5 gpm 20 l/min
11 gpm 40 l/min
Max Operating Pressure P-A-B Ports 5000 psi 350 bar
X-Y-T Ports 3600 psi 250 bar
Viscosity Range 42 to 1853 SSU at 100 °F 5  to 400 cSt
Temperature Range -4 to +180 °F -20 to +80 °C

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