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Mounting Surface: NFPA D05 alt A/alt B, D07, D08

Max Pressure: 5000 PSI (350 bar)
Rated Flow: 26 to 105 gpm (100 to 400 l/min)

Continental Hydraulics VED*MX, High Response 4-way proportional valve with precision lapped Spool, Dual position sensing LVDT’s and Enhanced On-Board Digital Amplifier.

The VED*MX pilot operated 4-way Proportional valves, conform to NFPA and ISO 4401:2005 (CETOP RP 121H) mounting standards.

The main spool position is controlled by highly dynamic pilot valve in closed loop via linear transducer LVDT for high precision, repeatability and increased control.

  • Class leading High frequency response
  • On-Board Digital Control resulting in extremely low Phase Lag and high frequency operation
  • High performance Pilot Valve
  • High Precision Lap Spools
  • Dual Spool position feedback
  • High flow pilot valve for high performance over a wide range of pilot pressures
05* 07 08
Rated Flow (Δ 145 psi/10 bar) 26 gpm 100 l/min 32 gpm 120 l/min 66 gpm 250 l/min
- - 53 gpm 200 l/min 105 gpm 400 l/min
Max Operating Pressure P-A-B Ports 5000 psi 350 bar
X-Y-T Ports 3600 psi 250 bar
Viscosity Range 42 to 1853 SSU at 100 °F 5  to 400 cSt
Temperature Range -4 to +180 °F -20 to +80 °C

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