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Max Pressure: 5000 PSI (345 bar)
Rated Flow Rate: 34 to 215 gpm (129 to 815 l/min)

The HSTV valve is a low torque, fast acting, non-compensated, adjustable orifice (port 2 to 1) used to meter-in, meter-out, or bleed-off circuits to control fluid flow volume.

The adjustable screw is separate from the main spool. Turning the screw outward connects the upper area of the spool to the low pressure port 1 and allows port 2 pressure (flow) to acton the annular area of the main spool and raise it until the point of the screw seals a passage to port 1 drilled thru the spool. Port 2 is also connected thru a balancing orifice and another drilled passage to the area above the spool. Therefore, fluid pressure is the same (balanced) on both ends of the spool. When the screw is turned inward to reduce flow, only the sliding friction of the spool in the body has to be overcome. Unadjustable flow from port 1 to 2 is possible under some circumstances.

The valve is hydraulically balanced and can be adjusted, even at 5000 psi, in either direction with finger tip ease. The cartridge valve is constructed of steel parts, operating parts are hardened and ground as required. The cartridge is designed for easy service or field repairs. A stepping motor drive can be added for open or closed loop control.

800 1200 1600 2000
Rated Flow (Δ 100 psi/7 bar) 34 gpm 129 l/min 60 gpm 227 l/min 83 gpm 315 l/min 215 gpm 815 l/min
Max Operating Pressure 5000 psi 345 bar 5000 psi 350 bar 5000 psi 350 bar 5000 psi 350 bar
Torque to Adjust Valve Under Max Pressure Increasing Pressure 1.35 0.15 Nmm 1.0 0.11 Nmm 0.63 0.07 Nmm 0.75 0.08 Nmm
Decreasing Pressure 1.35 0.15 Nmm 0.44 0.05 Nmm 0.38 0.04 Nmm 0.63 0.07 Nmm
Viscosity Range 27 to 2000 SSU at 100 °F 1 to 432 cSt
Temperature Range -40 to +350 °F -40 to +175 °C

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