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Series L

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Nominal Pressure: 1000 PSI (69 bar)
Bore Size: 1.5 to 8 in (38 to 203 mm)

When the job calls for reliable performance, specify Series L. A 100,000 psi yield strength chrome-plated, case-hardened piston rod. A 125,000 psi yield strength rod-end stud with rolled threads. 100,000 psi yield strength tie rods. With construction like this, Atlas Series L cylinders are truly premium quality.

And to make sure every cylinder is premium quality, we subject each and every one – not just batch samples – to tough inspection and performance tests. See the following pages for the inside story on all the features that make Series L the high performance, long lasting choice for all your medium-duty hydraulic applications.

Standard Specifications

  • Medium duty service – ANSI/(NFPA) T3.6.7R2-1996 specifications and mounting dimension standards
  • Standard construction – square head – tie rod design
  • Nominal pressure – 1,000 psi (69 bar) depending on bore size
  • Standard fluid – hydraulic oil
  • Standard temperature – -10 to +165 °F (-23 to +74 °C)
  • Bore sizes – 1.5" through 8" (38 to 203 mm)
  • Piston rod diameters – 5/8" through 2.5" (16 to 63.5 mm)
  • Mounting styles – 14 standard styles at various application ratings
  • Strokes – available in any practical stroke length
  • Cushions – optional at either end or both ends of stroke. “Float Check” at cap end
  • Rod ends – four standard choices – specials to order

Product Specifications