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Series H

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Max Rated Pressure: 3000 PSI (207 bar)
Max Non-Shock Pressure: 5000 PSI (345 bar)
Bore Size: 1.5 to 8 in (38 to 203 mm)

Piston Rod

The piston rod is Hiperchromium® 200 treated C1045 carbon steel. Hiperchromium® 200 offers 200 hour corrosion resistance to Saline atmospheric chamber testing.

Other rod materials are available including chrome plated 316 stainless steel and Nitrotec carbon steel. If you require a rod size that is not included in this catalog contact our factory for information regarding availability and dimensions.


Hythane® Seals

Hythane® piston seals are standard on the Royal H-Series. It has an exceptional temperature range of from -50 to +230 °F (-46 to 110 °C). The Hythane®* rod seal is a high performance, high temperature seal compound having ultra low friction and long seal life. The Hythane® rod wiper, with internal ribs for extra stability and prevention of pressure trapping, cleans the rod on the return stroke. The static external seal is Buna-N material.


Rotocast Bronze Gland Bushing

The gland bushing is manufactured from Rotocast bronze for low friction and long bearing life. Other materials such as Zinc-alloy are available upon request. Optional gland bushings with wear rings may be available, contact our factory.


Cold Finished Heads

Heads are precision machined from high quality cold finished steel for perfect alignment of barrel and moving parts.


Improved Cushioning with Springless Ball Checks

The Ball checks are designed to eliminate the need for a spring. As fluid flows through the check valve the ball is pulled into the low pressure zone, sealing when required and allowing the fluid to bypass for fast break away from the cushions.

2 1/2” and 3 1/4” bores with the #3 rod are now available with adjustable cushions both ends.

Standard Needle valve position P4 Ball check position P2


One-Piece Piston

The piston is a one-piece design, incorporating a replaceable wear ring to prevent metal to metal contact and increase the life of the cylinder.


SAE Ports

SAE O-Ring Boss ports are the standard port on the H-Series cylinders. SAE CODE 61 Flange ports are also available. Contact our factory for specific requirements. For NPTF ports, WCI will supply an SAE to NPTF Female adapter if you require NPTF ports.


Internal / External Piston Stop

Standard internal and optional external piston stops are available to reduce side load stress on the piston rod, gland bushing and piston for all cylinder sizes.


Stroke Position Sensors

WCI offers Proximity sensors fitted to H-Series cylinders. There are various levels of switches to meet your requirement, or cylinders could be custom manufactured to suit the proximity you would like to supply. Contact the engineering department for details.


Cylinder Flushing

A cylinder flushing service is available as a standard option. To choose this, select “-F” in the Options section of the Cylinder Nomenclature.


Custom Cylinders

If the standard product does not meet your specifications, Westcoast Cylinders will manufacture custom cylinders to meet your requirements. Please contact the engineering department.


Spare Parts

Genuine Royal seal kits include all seal components, and wear rings. Please specify genuine Royal replacement parts to ensure you will receive all feature benefits.

Product Specifications