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Series AHM

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Conforms to ISO 6020/2

Max Operating Pressure: 3046 PSI (210 bar)
Bore Size: 0.98 to 7.9 in (25 to 200 mm)

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, Atlas Cylinders offers the Series AHM metric hydraulic cylinder. Atlas Cylinders Series AHM cylinders are designed to meet the requirements of ISO 6020/2 (1991), 160 bar Compact Series. Series AHM cylinders may be used for working pressures up to 210 bar.

Atlas Cylinders Series AHM cylinders are the true world standard, available all over the globe from worldwide manufacturing facilities.

The Series AHM cylinders described in this catalog are Compact Series cylinders to ISO 6020/2 rated for use at working pressures up to 210 bar. They have been designed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of industries in which cylinders to ISO standards are specified.

In addition to the standard cylinders featured in this catalog, Series AHM cylinders can be designed to suit customer requirements. Our engineers will be pleased to advise on unique designs to suit specific applications.


Standard Features and Specifications

  • ISO 6020/2 mounting interchangeable
  • 12 standard mounting styles
  • Up to 3 rod sizes per bore
  • Wide range of mounting accessories
  • Up to 3 male and 3 female rod end threads per bore
  • Bore sizes – 25 to 200 mm (0.98 to 7.9 in)
  • Strokes – available in any practical stroke length
  • Working pressure up to 210 bar (3046 psi)
  • Piston rods – 12 to 140 mm (0.47 to 5.5 in)
  • Single and Double rod designs
  • Cushions available at either or both ends
  • Temperature Range – -20 to +150 °C (-4 to +302 °F) depending on seal type
  • Seal types to suit a wide variety of operating environments

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