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Series 2000 & 3000

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Rated Pressure: 2000 to 3000 PSI (138 to 207 bar)
Nominal Bore Size: 3 to 12 in (8 to 30 cm)
Max Recommended Flow: 220 to 3450 gpm (834 to 13061 l/min)

Pressure Ratings

Parker Series 3000 piston accumulators are rated at 3000 PSI and a minimum 4 to 1 design factor. Pressures over 3000 PSI, see Series 4000 and Series 5000 accumulators. For pressures over 5000 PSI consult factory.


Parker’s piston accumulators are compatible with a wide variety of fluids. Standard accumulators (with nitrile seals) may be used with petroleum-based industrial oils or water-based flame resistant fluids. Optional seals compatible with most industrial fluids are available with temperature ranges from -45°F to +320°F (-43°C to +160°C).


Units are shipped with a nominal nitrogen precharge as standard. For specific precharge pressures, specify at the time of order.

Auxiliary Gas Bottles

When space does not permit the installation of the required piston accumulator, a smaller accumulator may be used by connecting it to an auxiliary gas bottle(s) that can be located in a nearby spot where space is available. In some cases, a piston accumulator and gas bottle combination may be more economical, especially large capacity sizes. Piston travel, confined to the accumulator, must be calculated with ample margins to store the required fluid.

Gas Valves

Two types of gas valves are available on Series 3000 piston accumulators and gas bottles. Units with 3" thru 6" bores, are offered with a cored gas valve cartridge (ISO-4570-8V1) as standard. All 7" thru 12" bore units are supplied with a heavy-duty, high-pressure, poppet-type gas valve cartridge (L07689000K) as standard.


  • Heavy Duty Service with 3000 PSI Operating Pressure
  • 3" thru 12" Bores with More Than 50 Standard Capacities
  • V-O-ring Piston Seals
  • Serviceable Threaded End Construction
  • Five Standard Seal Options to Handle a Variety of Fluids and Temperatures
  • ASME/DNV/ABS/AS1210/ SELO/CRN/GOST/CE Certifications Available
  • Temperature Ranges -45º to +320ºF

Available Options

If your application requires a piston accumulator, gas bottle, or special option that falls outside of Parker’s broad offering, consult your local distributor, Parker representative, or the factory with your specific requirements. Parker has the manufacturing and engineering expertise to design and build piston accumulators to your exacting requirements, from simple modifications of standard units to complete designs. Some example of Parker’s past special designs include:

  • High Pressures
  • Special and Stainless Steel Materials
  • Piston Position and Velocity Sensors and Switches
  • Water Service
  • Non-Standard Capacities
  • Extreme Temperatures

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