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RP & RH EtherNet/IP

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Stroke Length: 1 to 300 in (25 to 7620 mm)
Operating Pressure: 5000 PSI (350 bar)

Temposonics® linear-position sensors use the time-based magneto- strictive position sensing principle developed by Temposonics. Within the sensing element, a sonic-strain pulse is induced in a specially designed magnetostrictive waveguide by the momentary interaction of two magnetic fields. One field comes from a movable permanent magnet that passes along the outside of the sensor. The other field comes from an “interrogation” current pulse applied along the waveguide. The resulting strain pulse travels at sonic speed along the waveguide and is detected at the head of the sensing element.

The position of the magnet is determined with high precision and speed by accurately measuring the elapsed time between the application of the interrogation pulse and the arrival of the resulting strain pulse with a high-speed counter. The elapsed time measurement is directly proportional to the position of the permanent magnet and is an absolute value. Therefore, the sensor's output signal corresponds to absolute position, instead of incremental, and never requires recalibration or re-homing after a power loss. Absolute, non-contact sensing eliminates wear, and guarantees the best durability and output repeatability.

Temposonics® R-Series EtherNet/IP™ sensors represent Temposonics’ development and product offering in networked position feedback. EtherNet/IP™ systems require only a single point of connection for both configuration and control, because EtherNet/IP™ supports both I/O (or implicit) messages—those that typically contain time-critical control data—and explicit messages—those in which the data field carries both protocol information and instructions for service performance. And, as a producer-consumer network that supports multiple communication hierarchies and message prioritization, EtherNet/IP™ provides more efficient use of bandwidth than a device network based on a source-destination model. EtherNet/IP™ systems can be configured to operate either in a master/slave or distributed control architecture using peer-to-peer communication.

Stroke Length RP 1 to 200 in 25 to 5080 mm
RH 1 to 300 in 25 to 7620 mm
Static Operating Pressure 5000 psi 350 bar
Peak Operating Pressure 10000 psi 690 bar
Operating Temperature -40 to +167 °F -40 to +75 °C

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