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Stroke Length: 1 to 200 in (25 to 5080 mm)
Operating Pressure: 5000 PSI (350 bar)

Temposonics linear-position sensors use the time-based magnetostrictive position sensing principle developed by Temposonics. Within the sensing element, a sonic-strain pulse is induced in a specially designed magnetostrictive waveguide by the momentary interaction of two magnetic fields. One field comes from a moveable permanent magnet that passes along the outside of the sensor. The other field comes from an “interrogation” current pulse applied along the waveguide. The resulting strain pulse travels at sonic speed along the waveguide and is detected at the head of the sensing element.

The position of the magnet is determined with high precision and speed by accurately measuring the elapsed time between the application of the interrogation pulse and the arrival of the resulting strain pulse with a high-speed counter. The elapsed time measurement is directly proportional to the position of the permanent magnet and is an absolute value. Therefore, the sensor's output signal corresponds to absolute position, instead of incremental, and never requires recalibration or re-homing after a power loss. Absolute, non-contact sensing eliminates wear, and guarantees the best durability and output repeatability.

The Temposonics RD4 position sensor provides an added degree of flexibility compared to the standard R-Series rod style sensor package. The RD4 design utilizes a separate electronics housing and interconnection cable to allow installation of the sensor rod into small spaces. By relocating the electronics, the head of the sensor rod is reduced to its minimal size. This makes the RD4 ideal for use with clevis mount cylinders or any space limited cylinder application. Also, the RD4 sensor can be used for applications that require remote mounting of the sensor electronics due to environmental factors, such as, high temperatures or high levels of shock and vibration.

The RD4 interconnection cable exits the head of the sensor rod and connects to the electronics housing. The electronics housing, along with its mounting block, can be configured with either a side cable connection or a bottom cable connection. The side cable connection is for use with threaded rod styles; 'M', 'T', 'C' and 'D'. These threaded rod styles provide for easy sensor installation into a standard threaded port opening on the top of the cylinder end cap.

The bottom cable connection is for use with the pressure-fit rod style (i.e. style 'S'). The rod style 'S' requires an appropriately machined cavity in the cylinder end cap to house the head of the sensor rod. Also, a hole going through the end cap is needed to channel the interconnection cable to the electronics housing that mounts on the side of the end cap. Proper design and careful sensor installation is required to assure the correct fit and o-ring sealing. Temposonics factory assistance is recommended when designing for the rod style 'S' in all new RD4 applications.

Stroke Length 1 to 200 in 25 to 5080 mm
Static Operating Pressure 5000 psi 350 bar
Peak Operating Pressure 10000 psi 690 bar
Output Analog (Voltage/Current)
Operating Temperature -4 to +167 °F -20 to +75 °C

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