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PTU 15/12

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Flow Rate: 5.3 to 32 gph (20 to 120 l/hr)
Max Inlet Pressure: 14.5 PSI (1 bar)
Filtration Rating: 3 µm (absolute), 0.8 µm (nominal)

The CJC™ PTU 15/12 Compact Filter Separator - with integrated electric motor and pump - is used for maintaining clean and dry oil such as diesel oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and food grade oils with a specific weight lower than that of water.

The PTU 15/12 is ideal for separation of free water from oil, removal of particles, and oil degradation products, in applications such as:

  • Mobile machinery
  • Compact hydraulic systems
  • Diesel fuel

The filter pump draws oil, e.g. from a tank and pumps it through the filter insert. From the center of the insert the oil flows down into the coalescer where water droplets will settle in the bottom of the coalescer housing (bottom chamber). From the top of the coalescer the oil will flow back to the tank system.

The water is collected in the bottom of the coalescer housing and is drained manually (standard). Optionally a capacitive water sensor can be mounted for indicating the water level.

The pressure drop across the filter insert - and consequently the contaminant absorption of the filter insert - is monitored on the pressure gauge.

The filter outlet port is placed in the filter base. The filtered oil should be returned to the tank close to the suction pipe of the main system pump.

Note: the return point should be non-pressurized. Contact us in case this is not possible.\

PTU 15/12
Flow Rate Range 5.3 to 32 gph 12 to 120 l/hr
Max Inlet Pressure 14.5 psi 1 bar
Max Pressure Drop 26 psi 1.8 bar
Max Oil Temperature +176 °F +80 °C
Max Power Consumption 0.08 hp 0.06 kW
Dirt Holding Capacity 0.2 gal 0.75 l
Coalescer Housing Capacity 0.2 gal 0.75 l
Filtration Rating Absolute 3 µm
Nominal 0.8 µm

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