Product Detail

Model HST

Quick Overview


Max Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI (207 bar)
Bore Size: 1.5 to 16 in (3.8 to 40.6 cm)

The Cunningham Manufacturing Co. hollow rod servo cylinder is equipped with a Temposonics linear displacement transducer. A permanent magnet is the piston of the cylinder indicates the stroke traveled to as little as +0.002 inch tolerance.


  • Frictionless operation of electric parts
  • Absolute system - data not lost after power interruption
  • Rugged - not affected by adverse conditions
  • Direct sensing of position
  • Easy installation of a compact package
  • High speeds possible with no shock
  • Designed for continuous use in mill type application
  • Standard Cunningham seal kits and parts


Position Cylinder

  • Most NFPA mounts available
  • Quick and easy instillation
  • Designed for rugged, continuous use
  • Standard parts utilized, no special repair procedures
  • Internal digital transducer, easily replaced in the field
  • Highly accurate (+- .002 inches) repeat positioning
  • High forces obtained with high velocity capabilities
  • Unaffected by adverse environment conditions, ie., dirt, dust, temperature, humidity, grease, oil, water



  • Servo
  • Proportional
  • Combination servo plus directional
  • Proportional plus directional for high speed application where accurate positioning must be maintained
  • Valve mounting options (manifold mounting) available


Transducer and Controls

  • Internal digital or analog transducer utilizing a magnetostrictive principle
  • Output is absolute (no loss of position), infinite resolution, non-contacting, no friction, no wear or deterioration
  • Excellent repeatability (zero accumulated error)
  • Mechanical stoppage of the cylinder will not affect the system
  • Extremely resistant to line noise
  • Feedback is an absolute encoder

Product Specifications