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Model 1000

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Pressure Range: 0 to 40000 PSI (0 to 2758 bar)
Spectre's Model 1000 is specifically engineered to eliminate the two most common problems with pressure transducers, noise and drift. It's large, raw sensor output (10-70X that of a bonded foil strain gauge device), The long term stability of Model 1000 and standard RF!/EMI protection provide the most rugged and reliable transducer for industrial applications. Originally designed to withstand the rigorous testing requirements of defense and space applications, The Model 1000 offers aerospace performance to the industrial marketplace.
  • Eliminate Drift – Fused Bond sensor technology for long-term stability
  • Eliminate Noise – Maximum RFI/EMI protection on every transducer
  • Outputs - 4-20mA, 0-5V & 0-10V – custom outputs available
  • Pressure ranges 0-10" WC to 0-60,000 PSI
  • Accuracies to 0.1% BFSL
  • Unparalleled long-term stability
  • Temperature compensation at the sensor element
Model 1000
Pressure Range 0 to 40000 psi 0 to 2758 bar
Output Signal 4 to 20 mA
0 to 5 VDC
0 to 10 VDC
Operating Temperature -40 to +185 °F -40 to +85 °C

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