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Mounting Surface: 1200 Oilgear Standard Cavity

Max Pressure: 5000 PSI (345 bar)
Rated Flow Rate: 39 gpm (148 l/min)

The HSU-DA sequence valve connects primary and secondary system branches after the pressure requirements on a third branch have been satisfied. This valve can be circuited to be operated by multiple pressure settings.

As the pressure at port 1 overcomes the spring resistance, it moves the main sloop to connect ports 2 and 3. Because the spring chamber is connected (separately) to drain, back pressure at the operating ports will not affect the pressure setting.

Direct acting for fast, accurate response. Several pressure ranges are available. The cartridge is constructed of steel parts, and operating parts are hardened and ground as required. The cartridge is designed for easy service and field repair.

Rated Flow (Δ 100 psi/7 bar) 39 gpm 148 l/min
Max Operating Pressure 5000 psi 345 bar
Adjustable Pressure Range 06 25 to 60 psi 2 to 4 bar
1 50 to 100 psi 4 to 7 bar
2 120 to 200 psi 8 to 14 bar
3 185 to 300 psi 13 to 21 bar
Viscosity Range 27 to 2000 SSU at 100 °F 1 to 432 cSt
Temperature Range -40 to +350 °F -40 to +175 °C

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