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Max Pressure: 5000 PSI (345 bar)
Max Flow Rate: 27 gpm (102 l/min)

The HS3W cartridge valve is used to connect one (common) port to either of two other ports when the manual lever is turned 90 degrees.

Type HS3W-90 cartridge valve has a hollow main spool. Holes are drilled through the circumference of the main spool. A lever is connected to the main spool. In one position of the lever, the holes in the spool line up with matching holes in the body and allow flow between the hollow spool (port 1) and port 2. Rotating the lever 90 degrees dis-aligns port 2 holes and lines up holes in the spool with port 3, allowing flow from ports 1 and 3. The lever can be positioned after the valve has been installed, by lifting, rotating, or releasing the handle.

The lever can be positioned anywhere within a 360 degree circle. The valve is constructed of steel parts and operating parts are hardened. The cartridge is designed for easy field service or repair.

Max Flow 27 gpm 102 l/min
Max Operating Pressure 5000 psi 345 bar
Viscosity Range 27 to 2000 SSU at 100 °F
Temperature Range -40 to +350 °F -40 to +175 °C

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