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Desorber/Filter Combi

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Desorber Nominal Flow: 15 gph (55 l/hr)
Filter Nominal Flow: 38 gph (145 l/hr)
Filtration Rating: 3 µm (absolute), 0.8 µm (nominal)

CJC™ Desorber/Filter Combi Unit, a combined product used for maintenance of oils. The unit removes large amounts of water and particles from a wide range of lubricants including emulsified oils and EAL’s (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants) / biodegradable lubricants in applications such as:

Marine Applications

  • Thrusters
  • Stern tubes
  • Rudders
  • Stabiliser fins
  • Controllable pitch propeller
  • Etc.

EAL's / Biodegradable Oils

  • Esters
  • PAG's
  • PAO's
  • Emulsified oils

Water in oil leads to change in viscosity, reduced filter ability, reduced lubricity, formation of rust, and bacterial growth and increased degradation of the oil - all factors that lead to reduced lifetime of both system components and the oil.

The CJC™ Desorber/Filter Combi Unit is one unit solving problems with both water and particles. One inlet and one outlet, plug-and-play type easy to install, has a small footprint area and ready to work in less than 30 minutes.

  • Removal of large amounts of water - even from emulsified lubricants, preventing formation of acid and microbial growth
  • Removal of particles and sodium
  • Reduced corrosion and wear/tear of rubber made sealings
  • Extended lifetime of both oil and components
  • Prevents uncontrolled shut downs and reduces maintenance costs
  • Compact in size
  • Environmental friendly solution

The advantages of the CJC™ Desorber/Filter Combi Unit are that the water separation ability is unaffected by viscosity and additive package. The Desorber treats mineral oils as well as synthetic fluids, even the new kind of EAL’s (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants) / biodegradable lubricants and is able to break stable emulsions. The CJC™ Desorber/Filter Combi Unit is able to maintain the water content within systems to very low levels. Furthermore, particles are continuously removed from the oil system by passing through the CJC™ Oil Filter placed on top of the CJC™ Desorber. The filter has a filtration rating at 3 micron absolute and 0.8 micron nominally.

The desorption process is based on the principle that heated air can effectively hold large quantities of water. In the desorber the oil is preheated to 60 °C and met by a counter flow of cold dry air. The air is heated rapidly by the hot oil and absorbs any water present in the oil, until the air is saturated. The warm, moist air is then chilled to condense the water out.

The filtration process is performed by the separate pump drawing oil from the main system and passing it through the fine filter, exiting from the filter base and back to the main system.

Desorber/Filter Combi
Desorber Nominal Flow Inlet 15 gph 55 l/hr
Outlet 20 gph 75 l/hr
Filter Nominal Flow 38 gph 145 l/hr
Power Consumption 3.9 hp 2.9 kW
Voltage 1 x 230 V
Current 12.6 A

Product Specifications