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ASH Series

Quick Overview


Conforms to NFPA Standards Bore Size: 5 to 8 in (12.7 to 20.3 cm)

The ASH series cylinders are a new innovative design from the creative team at Ortman Fluid Power supplies superior performance. This hydraulic cylinder utilizes precision extruded aluminum tubing unique to Ortman Fluid Power and designed for high pressures. The channels in the extruded tubing make adding reed or hall effect switches very simple. The aluminum cylinder body is durable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant. The ASH design incorporates our threaded rod gland, for quick and easy replacement without dis-assembly of the cylinder body.


  • Pressure Rated - Up to 500 psi
  • 5.00 through 8.00 Bore
  • Designed to conform to NFPA Standards
  • Available in Multiple Constructions


Basic Product Offers

  • 100,000 psi min yield Chromed Rod Material
  • Durable Extruded Aluminum Barrel
  • Precision Machined Covers
  • Threaded Bronze Rod Bearing
  • Interchangeable NFPA Mounting Styles
  • Mutliple Rod End Styles
  • NPTF Ports
  • Multiple Rod Diameters per Bore Size
  • Standard Low Frication Piston Wearband


Optional Product Offers

  • End of Stroke Cushions
  • Wide Variety of Seal Materials
  • Stainless Steel Rod Materials
  • Multiple Port Types
  • Magnetic Piston Band
  • Air Bleeds
  • Rod Boots
  • Special Fluid Applications

Product Specifications