Product Detail

Rubber Baler Control Panel

Quick Overview


15” Color Touch Screen
The operator interface is designed to allow an operator the ability to easily monitor the baler system and recognize problems quickly. Built-in troubleshooting capabilities virtually eliminate the need for a laptop computer (see Ethernet Communications).

Pushbutton Panel
The custom photo-etched panel featuring a manual/auto mode selector switch allowing for manual (joystick) or automatic control of the baler. Baler cylinders reset automatically to the baler’s ready position when initially put into automatic mode.

Motion Controller
This controller provides precise position and velocity control of the cover cylinder. It is also adaptable to a two or three position cover. The controller provides smooth acceleration and deceleration without the need for high maintenance mechanical cylinder cushions, extending the life of hydraulic components and reducing stress on the baler foundation. The controller also features the ability to detect transducer failure.

Valve Coil Feedback Module
Manufactured by Oilquip, Inc., this module detects shorted solid state relays, PLC outputs, and open coil circuits.

Ethernet Communications
The 4-port Ethernet switch allows for quick connection to the PLC/HMI. This connection enables the operator to monitor the system from anywhere on the network.

Product Specifications