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R87 Series

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Max Supply Pressure: 250 PSIG (17 bar)
Port Size: 1/4 to 1/2 in NPTF, G Tap Threads

The Numatics 87 Series Volume Boosters are used extensively for increased flow capacity, pressure amplification, or remote pressure control applications. This includes web tensioning, roll loading, control valve actuators, I/P volume boosting, cylinder actuation, clutch and brake control, and gas flow control.


• High flow capacity - allows flows up to 50 SCFM
• Amplified output - available in a signal to output pressure ratio of 1:6
• High exhaust capacity - large relief provides 15 SCFM flow capacity
• Stable output - Venturi aspirator maintains output pressure under varying flow conditions
• Balanced supply valve - rolling diaphragm design makes unit immune to supply pressure variation
• Negative bias - 4 PSI negative bias option allows “zero” of I/Ps

Product Specifications