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L01 Series

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Meets NEMA 4 / IP65 Standards

Operating Pressure Range: 28 inHg Vacuum to 150 PSIG (Vacuum to 10 bar)
Flow Capacity: 9.3 SCFM (197 Nl/min)

The Numatics L01 Series is a direct solenoid actuated valve and manifold that optimize machine cycle rate via speed controls. The repeatable, reliable, and industry leading life performance makes this series an ideal for high cycle rate machine applications.

  • Direct solenoid actuated
  • DIN plug-in solenoid with indicator light
  • Unlubricated or lubricated service
  • Integral speed control available
  • In-line or manifold mounted
  • Designed to meet the requirements of NEMA 4 / IP65
Series L01
Flow Capacity 9.3 SCFM 197 Nl/min
Operating Pressure Range 28 inHg Vacuum to 150 PSIG Vacuum to 10 bar
Temperature -10 to +115 °F -23 to +46 °C

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