Product Detail

Electrohydraulic Test Unit

Quick Overview


  • The Oilquip, Inc. Electrohydraulic Test Unit is designed to be a portable, fully functional control system. It can operate in three different modes:
    • Open loop mode
    • Closed loop mode (requires position transducer feedback)
    • Auto cycle mode (cycles between two position commands pausing for a specified dwell time between each move)
  • Position transducer feedback can be analog (voltage or current) or digital (MDT or SSI).
  • Transducer supply power is optional 24 VDC or +/-15 VDC.
  • Transducer detection
  • Control output can be voltage (+/- VDC) or current (mA).
  • Valve spool position (voltage or current).
  • Output knob gives the operator ability to adjust output signal or position command.
  • USB monitor port allows for a computer to connect to the internal motion controller.

Operator Interface

  • Ability to quickly view / change parameters with a touch of the screen
  • Closed loop screen
  • Open loop screen
  • Auto cycle screen
  • Transducer setup screen allows for configuration of analog or digital transducers
  • Calibration screens allows for quick calibration of position transducers
  • Tuning setup screen
  • Output setup screen
  • HMI setup screen
  • Spool position setup screen
  • Detailed help screens
  • Transducer wiring screens

Product Specifications