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Max Operating Pressure: 100 PSI (7 bar)
Bore Size: 1 to 2 in (25 to 50 mm)

The BC3 is the most capable pneumatic rodless cylinder in the industry today. Featuring durable stainless steel bands, a reliable recirculating ball bearing design and smooth, low breakaway pressure the BC3 is a great solution for applications with high load and bending moment requirements. Built-to-order in stroke lengths up to 205 inches.

Sealed Ball Bearing System

  • All bearing components covered by seal strip
  • Bearing components are sealed and lubricated at the factory
  • Assures maximum resistance to contamination

Formed End Cap Wiper Seal

  • Keeps contaminants from entering the sealing area
  • Protects internal components
  • Reduces maintenance while increasing productivity

Stainless Steel Sealing Band System

  • Fatigue resistant stainless steel bands are specifically made to provide longer life and will not elongate, like elastomers
  • Outer band keeps out contaminants for extended performance
  • Inner band provides a smooth surface for less seal wear formed steel piston bracket
  • Provides maximum strength at major stress points
  • Heat treated carbon steel withstands the toughest dynamic forces
  • Strongest bracket design in the industry assures long life with less maintenance

Patented Wedge Bearing System

  • Bearing surfaces adjusted at the factory for optimum pre-load
  • Bearing surfaces adjusted by and supported by a steel wedge assuring long term stability

Adjustable Cushions

  • Adjustable cushions are standard, not optional
  • Easy screw adjustment for end-of-stroke deceleration
  • Protects actuator and load from damage

Load-Bearing Carrier Design

  • Load and piston are independent - piston floats, resulting in less friction and longer seal life
  • Recirculating ball bearing system guides and supports load for consistent long term performance
  • Constant level of friction is maintained even when load orientation changes

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