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Max Operating Pressure: 100 PSI (7 bar)
Bore Size: 0.5 to 2.5 in (12 to 63 mm)

The BC2 is the direct descendent of the industry’s first pneumatic rodless cylinder, manufactured by Tolomatic, the number one rodless supplier. Featuring durable stainless steel bands, field replaceable engineered bearings, and a large carrier mounting pattern, the BC2 is a great solution for applications that require increased Mx bending moment capacity. Built-to-order in stroke lengths up to 350 inches.

Formed Steel Piston Bracket

  • Provides maximum strength at major stress points
  • Heat treated carbon steel withstands the toughest dynamic forces
  • Strongest bracket design in the industry assures long life with less maintenance

Adjustable Cushions

  • Adjustable cushions are standard, not optional
  • Easy screw adjustment for end-of-stroke deceleration
  • Protects actuator and load from damage

Formed End Cap Wiper Seal

  • Keeps contaminants from entering the sealing area
  • Protects internal components
  • Reduces maintenance while increasing productivity

Stainless Steel Sealing Band System

  • Fatigue resistant stainless steel bands are specifically made to provide longer life and will not elongate, like elastomers
  • Outer band keeps out contaminants for extended performance
  • Inner band provides a smooth surface for less seal wear

Adjustable Carrier Bracket

  • 2-bolt adjustment instead of a series of set screws
  • Easy to set tension for freer running or stiffer systems
  • Minimizes free play while maintaining a higher level of load guidance

Load-Bearing Carrier Design

  • Load and piston are independent - piston floats, resulting in less friction and longer seal life
  • Engineered resin load bearings offer consistently low friction and long wear

Rigid Black-Anodized Extruded Aluminum Tube

  • Stronger, stiffer tube retains tolerance specs when chamber is pressurized
  • Keeps sealing band in place for maximized air efficiency
  • Tube supports are minimized
  • Solid structural support provides durability and long life performance


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