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615 Series Servotronic Digital

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Rated Flow: 449 gpm (1700 l/min)
Max Allowable Pressure: 203 PSI (45 bar)
Port Size: 3/8 in G Tap Threads

The Numatics 615 Series ServotronicDigital offers greater versatility in automated production processes. Due to electronics, the new generation of Servotronic products increases the range of applications and performance of pneumatic components. The ServotronicDigital directly responds to all pressure control needs and indirectly meets the requirements placed in the control of physical variables, such as position, velocity, acceleration, force, mass etc. The combination of innovative pneumatic technology, high-precision mechanics and modern electronics allows for quick control of pressure in a pneumatic actuating system in relation to a signal received from the controlling electronics.

The ServotronicDigital is provided with a precision-lapped steel spool and sleeve with hardened and tempered surface enabling very high pulse frequencies at extremely short response times. The ServotronicDigital valve has a constant air consumption.

The valve can be adjusted to a specific application using the DaS software (Data Acquisition Software).


ServotronicDigital is a highly dynamic 3-way proportional valve with digital control particularly suitable for applications with constant flow.

ServotronicDigital stands for:

  • Digital communication and control
  • Direct operated valve
  • Dynamic behavior (high speed)

A special feature of the ServotronicDigital is its DaS software supplied for optimum adjustment over PC and viewing of set-point and feedback signals. Other functions are valve diagnostics, parameter setting and maintenance.

615 DN8
Nominal Diameter 0.315 in 8 mm
Rated Flow 449 gpm 1700 l/min
Max Allowable Pressure 203 psi 45 bar
Fluid Temperature Range +32 to +140 °F 0 to +60 °C
Command/Feedback Signal 0 to 10 V
0 to 20 mA
4 to 20 mA
Volatge 24 VDC

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