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607 Series Flowtronic D

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Flow Regulation Range: 0.4 to 70.6 SCFM (10 to 2000 Nl/m)
Max Pressure: 116 PSI (8 bar)
Port Size: 1/4 to 1/2 in NPT, G Tap Threads

FlowtronicD is a digitally operated flow controller up to 35 SCFM (1000 Nl/min). The FlowtronicD consists of a fast, direct-operated 2-port proportional valve that operates independently of the inlet pressure (max. 116 psi), and a control unit which contains all of the control electronics and sensors. The FlowtronicD offers precise flow adjustment and is very responsive to outside disturbances.

Typical applications for the FlowtronicD include: Paint coating technology, mixing of gases in process control, packaging and food processing industry, surface finishing and materials coating processes, burner control systems, and fuel cell technology.

The digital control electronics and a USB interface allow the controller to be adapted to different applications. The Numatics FlowCom PC software provides easy start-up.


  • Fast, direct-acting 2-port proportional valve, pressure sensor unit, and digital control electronics
  • Controls applications that have varying flow
  • Controls and maintains constant and even flow despite external disturbances such as fluctuating inlet pressure
  • Measures flow precisely with two sensors
  • Software and PC connection allows parameters to be adjusted to a specific application
  • FlowCom software provides quick and easy start-up
  • Diagnostic capability using the integrated LEDs or the FlowCom software


  • Low hysteresis
  • Quick response times
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Standard 50 μm filtration
  • Analog feedback output
  • Easy change of control parameters
  • Digital control
  • Integrated display (optionally without)
  • PC communication
Flow Regulation Range 0.4 to 70.6 SCFM 10 to 2000 Nl/m
Max Allowable Pressure 116 psi 8 bar
Fluid Temperature Range +32 to +122 °F 0 to +50 °C
Command/Feedback Signal 0 to 10 V
0 to 20 mA
4 to 20 mA
Volatge 24 VDC

Product Specifications