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605 Series Pulstronic II

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Pressure Range: 0 to 150 PSI (0 to 10 bar)
Max Inlet Pressure: 80to 180 PSI (5 to 12 bar) Port Size: 1/4 in NPT, G Tap Threads

The Numatics 605 Series Pulstronic II valve operates with pulsed pilot valves which change the pressure in a control chamber. A downstream pressure booster converts the pilot pressure into an outlet pressure. The outlet pressure is measured with a pressure sensor and fed into the internal digital control loop. The setpoint is established over the electrical plugin connector as a standard signal [0 to 10 V, 0(4) to 20 mA]. The Pulstronic II is particularly suited for pressure control applications requiring a constant pressure at different flow rates, such as air supply over nozzles or turbine speed control. The valve can be adjusted to a specific application using the DaS software (Data Acquisition Software).


The Numatics 605 Series PULSTRONIC II is a compact electropneumatic pressure regulator (E/P transducer) which converts an electrical signal into a pneumatic pressure. It is particularly suited for precise pressure regulation due to its integrated control loop with electronic pressure feedback.


  • Minimum hysteresis
  • Quick pressure changes, low overshoot
  • Standard 50 μm filtration
  • No constant air consumption
  • Stable pressure control at continuous flow
  • Digital control
  • Easy change of parameters
  • Low current consumption
  • Integrated display
Pressure Range A (3) 0 to 50 psi 0 to 3 bar
B (6) 0 to 100 psi 0 to 6 bar
C (0) 0 to 150 psi 0 to 10 bar
Max Inlet Pressure A (3) 80 psi 5 bar
B (6) 130 psi 8 bar
C (0) 180 psi 12 bar
Fluid Temperature Range +32 to +140 °F 0 to +60 °C

Product Specifications