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603 Series

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The stand-alone control device ControlD is used for open-loop, closed-loop or dual-loop (cascaded) process control. It is designed to control proportional valves by regulating the current in the valve‘s solenoid coil. The maximum value of the solenoid coil’s current is automatically determined with the auto-tune function. More complex applications can be controlled using additional analog inputs of flow, temperature, pressure, force, etc.

A serial RS232 or a mini USB interface allows communication with a PC where the included Numatics DigiCom software can be used to adopt the controller to the control loop. Three buttons and a 3-digit LED display on the device enable manual setpoint setting and display of feedback without the need for PLC control during start-up. Additional LEDs show the operating state and any error messages (e.g. low voltage, over voltage, set-point not reached) that may occur.


  • Control device for PWM (pulse-width modulated) proportional solenoid valve control
  • Designed for open-loop and dual-loop (cascade) control
  • Suitable for the control of flow, pressure, temperature, force, etc.
  • Integrated display and LEDs
  • Control parameters adjustable via software (DigiCom, USB interface)
  • Auto-Adapt function/button for automatic adjustment of the ControlD control device to the control valve

A special feature of the ControlD is the Numatics DigiCom software supplied for optimum adjustment over PC. Setpoint and feedback values can be viewed at the same time. Other functions are valve diagnostics, parameter setting and maintenance.


  • Low hysteresis
  • Easy change of control parameters
  • Digital control
  • Integrated display
  • AUTO-ADAPT button for determining max. coil current
  • PC communication
  • Configurable analog feedback output
  • Switching output
  • Scope function using DigiCom software
  • USB interface
  • Suitable for use with Posiflow, Preciflow, and Sentronic
  • Direct input for open-loop control (no measuring device required)
  • Easy to duplicate control parameters

Product Specifications