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2035 Series

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Meets NEMA 4 / IP65 Requirements

Pilot Pressure Range: 26 to 120 PSIG (1.8 to 8.23 bar)
Operating Pressure Range: 28 inHg Vacuum to 150 PSIG (711.2 mmHg Vacuum to 10 bar)
Flow Capacity: 161 SCFM (3500 NLPM)

The Numatics 2035 Series is a solenoid pilot actuated valve and manifold series in a modular design for easy configuration. This design increases energy efficiency by optimizing the energy consumption via pressure regulators and optimizing machine cycle rate via speed controls.

  • Low wattage plug-in - 2.5 watt for DC application
  • DC solenoids polarity insensitive with surge suppression
  • Plug together circuit boards eliminate internal wiring
  • Integral recessed gaskets
  • Simple conversion from internal to external pilot supply
  • Modular plug-together fieldbus electronics
  • G3 Fieldbus compatible
  • Designed to meet NEMA4/IP65
  • Manifold connection allows disassembly at any station
2035 Series
Flow Capacity 161 SCFM 3500 NLPM
Pilot Pressure Range 26 to 120 PSIG 1.8 to 8.3 bar
Operating Pressure Range 28 inHg Vacuum to 150 PSIG Vacuum to 10 bar
Fluid Temperature Range -10 to +115 °F -23 to +46 °C

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