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Mounting Surface: NFPA D03 (ISO 4401-03-02-0-03)

Max Pressure: 4000 PSI (280 bar)
Max Flow Rate: 12 gpm (45 l/min)

Direct acting, subplate mounted directional control valve, with mounting surface according to NFPA D03 ISO 4401-03 (CETOP RP 121H) standards suitable for mini-power packs and mobile and agricultural applications. The valve body is made with high strength iron castings with wide internal passages in order to minimize the flow pressure drop.

The valve can be supplied for valve functions requiring 2 positions or 3 positions, as well as 3 way or 4 way flow functions.

This valve is designed using DC voltage core tubes. The design makes this series of valves the perfect choice for flexibility and reduced inventory levels when various voltages or coil connections are required.

The DC core tubes will accept any one of the DIN 43650, AMP Junior, lead wire, DEUTSCH DT04-2P or AMP Super Seal coil connections.
Various DC Voltage coils and AC Voltage coils (Rectification of the AC power is processed through the DIN Connector circuit).

The valve is supplied with a boot protected manual override which ensure IP65 protection or better dependent on the coil termination style selected.

A stroke limiter knob for the valve spool is available as accessory.

Max Pressure P-A-B Ports 4000 psi 280 bar
T Port 3600 psi 250 bar
Max Flow Rate 12 gpm 45 l/min
Temperature Range Ambient -4 to +130 °F -20 to +54 °C
Fluid -4 to +180 °F -20 to +82 °C
Fluid Viscosity Range 60 to 1900 SUS 10 to 400 cSt
Recommended 120 SUS 25 cSt
Mounting Surface


ISO 4401-03-02-0-03

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