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Mounting Surface: NFPA D03

Max Pressure: 5000 PSI (350 bar)
Max Flow Rate: 0.8 gpm (3 l/min)

The VER03MG direct operated Proportional Relief Valve, with On-Board Digital Amplifier conforms to NFPA D03 / ISO 6264 standards.

VER03MG valves are designed to control maximum pressure in low flow systems or as the proportional pressure pilot valve of larger two-stage pressure control valves.

Output pressure is controlled proportional to the input command reference signal supplied to the On-Board Digital Amplifier.

Four pressure ranges are available to help match your requirements.

The On-Board microprocessor controls all the valve functions and is preset to optimal valve performance. In field adjustments can be performed, via software, to customize the parameters based on your application needs.

Max Flow Rate 0.8 gpm 3 l/min
Rated Flow Rate 0.26 gpm 1 l/min
Max Operating Pressure P Port 5000 psi 350 bar
T Port 30 psi 2 bar
Pressure Stages VER03MG-070 10 to 1000 psi 0.7 to 70 bar
VER03MG-140 16 to 2000 psi 1.1 to 140 bar
VER03MG-210 26 to 3000 psi 1.8 to 210 bar
VER03MG-350 40 to 5000 psi 2.8 to 350 bar

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