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Mounting Surface: NFPA D03

Max Pressure: 4600 PSI (320 bar)
Max Flow Rate: 13.2 gpm (50 l/min)

The VEP03MSV-PDRP is a D03 modular three-way proportional pressure reducing/relieving valve which conforms to NFPA D03 and ISO 4401 mounting standards.

These valves are designed to provide remote variable pressure control in the pressure port of a secondary circuit. The controlled pressure is proportional to the amount of current supplied to the solenoid.

As flow demands change, the valve opening will modulate to maintain the circuit pressure. The VEP03MSV-PDRP will also relieve the tank to vent a load induced pressure spike. In event of a loss in electrical power, the valve spool will return to the low pressure condition.

The proportional solenoids can be driven by a variable current power supply or by use of external Power Amplifier Cards designed to maximize the valve’s performance.

Max Flow Rate Controlled Line 8 gpm 30 l/min
Free Line 13.2 gpm 50 l/min
Drainage 24 in3/min 0.4 l/min
Max Operating Pressure P-A-B Ports 4600 psi 320 bar
T-Ports 30 psi 2 bar
Pressure Control Range 70 100 to 1000 psi 7 to 70 bar
150 107 to 2175 psi 7.5 to 150 bar
230 114 to 3300 psi 8 to 230 bar

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