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Continental Hydraulics VED05M direct operated 4-way proportional valves conform to NFPA D05/ISO 4401-05 mounting standards.

These valves are designed to control the direction and oil flow rate based on the amount of current supplied to the solenoid. In event of a loss in electric power, the centering springs will return the valve spool to the center position.

The valve solenoids can be driven by a variable current power supply or by use of external Power Amplifier Cards designed to maximize the valve performance.

Rated Flow (Δ 145 psi/10 bar) AC/FC-30 8 gpm 30 l/min
AC/FC-60 16 gpm 60 l/min
Max Operating Pressure P-A-B Ports 4600 psi 320 bar
T Ports 3000 psi 210 bar
Viscosity Range 60 to 1900 SSU at 100 °F 10  to 400 cSt
Temperature Range -4 to +180 °F -20 to +82 °C

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