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Mounting Surface: SAE Code 61 Size 08 to 48
&emsp:&emsp:&emsp:&emsp:&emsp:&emsp:&emsp:&emsp:&ensp: SAE Code 62 Size 08 to 48

Max Pressure: 5000 PSI (350 bar)
Rated Flow Rate: 12 to 175 gpm (45 to 662 l/min)

INSERTA® ICFT Check Valves, Flange Type, provide an effective way to install a Check Valve or Fixed Orifice Flow Control Valve in a piping system that uses SAE 4-Bolt flange ports. These flange bodies include the INSERTA® ICT Thread-In Type Check Valves. The free flow direction is always from the surface with the seal to the surface without the seal. The nominal size INSERTA® ICT Thread-In Type Check Valve, matches the nominal flange size to meet most flow requirements for the given flange size. The INSERTA® ICFT Check Valves, Flange Type, 6132 and 6232 are also available with -24 size Check Valves for those applications that do not require the flow capacity of the -32 size.

For those applications where one requires the free flow from the plain surface to the surface with the seal, the INSERTA® ICF Check Valve Body or INSERTA® ICFS Check Valve Body with Support Member, Flange type, should be used with the INSERTA® ICS Check Valve, Slip-In Type. The INSERTA® ICS Check Valve, Slip-In Type, can be inserted from either end to permit free flow through the body in either direction. The ICF bodies use a larger nominal size INSERTA® ICS Check Valve, and is the check valve of choice in higher flow applications.

INSERTA® ICFT Check Valves, Flange Type, are all steel construction

Rated Flow Rate (Δ 30 psi/2 bar) 08 12 gpm 45 l/min
12 25 gpm 95 l/min
16 35 gpm 132 l/min
20 63 gpm 238 l/min
24 80 gpm 303 l/min
32 135 gpm 511 l/min
40 155 gpm 587 l/min
48 175 gpm 662 l/min
Max Operating Pressure 5000 psi 350 bar
Cracking Pressure 003 3 psi 0.2 bar
007 7 psi 0.5 bar
015 15 psi 1 bar
030 30 psi 2 bar
Viscosity Range 50 to 2000 SSU at 100 °F 10  to 440 cSt
Temperature Range -22 to +175 °F -30 to +80 °C

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