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Series VE

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Max Operating Pressure: 150 PSI (10 bar)
Bore Size: 2 to 24 in (51 to 610 mm)

The Series VE cylinder provides customers a durable yet cost effective solution for knife gate valve actuation. Innovative options offer the ability to sense piston rod position, reduce weight, and increase corrosion resistance – resulting in improved system efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Atlas Cylinders’ utilization of cutting edge design systems, proven seal technology, the highest quality materials, and stringent quality standards assure reliable service in the most demanding applications.



“Jewel” Rod Gland Assembly is externally removable without disassembling the cylinder. The “Jewel” rod gland incorporates a primary and secondary seal to assure leak-free service and longevity. The secondary seal acts as a rod wiper to prevent contamination from entering the cylinder. In addition, the secondary seal acts as a back up in the event of primary seal failure.

All piston rod assemblies utilize induction case hardened, medium carbon steel. All piston rods are hard chrome plated and polished to a 10 RMS surface finish. Each piston rod assembly comes standard with two wrench flats to facilitate rod end attachment.

Wear compensating lipseals are used throughout the rod gland and piston assembly to assure leak free operation and optimal performance over the life of the cylinder.

Cylinder body material options include steel with chrome plated I.D., aluminum, and composite to suit demanding application requirements.

All tie rods are made from high strength 100,000 psi (690 MPa) minimum yield material.

Align-A-Groove design provides a 3/16" (5 mm) wide surface machined at each end of the cylinder body to assure tube to head alignment and leak free operation.

NPT ports are standard throughout the entire bore range.

Magnetic piston sensing option relays piston position throughout the entire stroke range. Solid state or reed switches are available with quick disconnect or flying lead terminations. This option is available on all bore sizes. Note: Wear band supplied with magnetic piston only.

Heads and caps are made from heavy duty steel and are machined to provide concentricity.


Standard Specifications

  • Bore diameters – 2.00" to 24.00" (51 to 610 mm)
  • Maximum working pressure – 150 PSI (10 bar) pneumatic
  • Piston rod diameters – 0.625" to 3.500" (16 to 89 mm)
  • Stroke lengths – bore diameter dependent
  • Single and double piston rod construction available
  • Spring extend or retract
  • Double acting

Product Specifications