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Series ESP

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Nominal Pressure: 3000 PSI (207 bar)
Bore Size: 1.5 to 6 in (38 through 152 mm)

When the application demands a heavy-duty cylinder with maximum performance, specify Atlas Series H. This cylinder has standard design features to maximize machine up time. The standard bronze rod gland, casehardened piston rod, high strength piston rod stud and tie rod material combine to make Series H the cylinder for demanding applications up to 3000 psi (207 bar).

Thorough inspection and performance testing of each cylinder before shipment assure Series H cylinder quality. See the following pages for the inside story on all the features that make Series H the high performance, long lasting choice for all your heavy-duty hydraulic applications.

Standard Specifications

  • Heavy duty service – ANSI (NFPA) T3.6.7R3-2009 mounting and specification dimensions
  • Standard construction – square head – tie rod design
  • Nominal pressure – 3000 psi (207 bar)
  • Standard fluid – hydraulic oil
  • Standard temperature – -10 to +165 °F (-23 to +74 °C)
  • Bore sizes – 1.5" through 6" (38 through 152 mm)
  • Piston rod diameter – 5/8" through 4" (16 through 101 mm)
  • Mounting styles – 16 standard styles at various application ratings
  • Standard – externally removable bolted gland assembly
  • Strokes – available in any practical stroke length
  • Cushions – optional at either end or both ends of stroke. “Float Check” at cap end.
  • Rod ends – four standard choices – specials to order

Product Specifications