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Stroke Length: 10 to 396 in (255 to 10060 mm)

Temposonics linear-position sensors use the time-based magnetostrictive position sensing principle developed by Temposonics. Within the sensing element, a sonic-strain pulse is induced in a specially designed magnetostrictive waveguide by the momentary interaction of two magnetic fields. One field comes from a moveable permanent magnet that passes along the outside of the sensor. The other field comes from an “interrogation” current pulse applied along the waveguide. The resulting strain pulse travels at sonic speed along the waveguide and is detected at the head of the sensing element.

The position of the magnet is determined with high precision and speed by accurately measuring the elapsed time between the application of the interrogation pulse and the arrival of the resulting strain pulse with a high-speed counter. The elapsed time measurement is directly proportional to the position of the permanent magnet and is an absolute value. Therefore, the sensor's output signal corresponds to absolute position, instead of incremental, and never requires recalibration or rehoming after a power loss. Absolute, non-contact sensing eliminates wear, and guarantees the best durability and output repeatability.

Temposonics offers the Model RF Flexible housing as an option with our R-Series family of extremely robust, highly accurate, linear-position sensors.

Constructing a R-Series sensor with the RF flexible housing results in a flexible style sensor that offers trouble-free performance in applications that require very long stroke lengths and linear measurements on an arc.

The Model RF flexible sensors are available in all R-Series sensor outputs including analog, serial, digital, and bus interfaces. Standard stroke lengths for the sensor are up to 10 meters (396 in.) and for special applications, longer lengths are available by consulting the engineering department.

Flexible sensors incorporate the Temposonics SE (Sensing Element) technology that is the same building block all Temposonics sensor models use. The SE is housed in a fluoroelastomer coated stainless steel housing that is flexible and can be bent in an arc to an 8 inch minimum bend radius.

Most operating parameters are identical to their rigid cousins. Model RF sensors are recommended for long-length applications because they are simply coiled inside a 40-inch diameter box for shipping, which simplifies logistics and handling.

The model RF sensor can easily bend around corners or obstacles and provides a simple solution for applications where installation space is too confined, or has limited access, making installation or replacement too difficult and costly for a standard rigid type sensor.

Stroke Length 10 to 396 in 255 to 10060 mm
Output Analog (Voltage/Current)
Operating Temperature -40 to +167 °F -40 to +75 °C

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