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For PTI F7G, F8G Filter Assemblies
Rated Flow: 100 to 250 gpm (379 to 946 l/min)
Collapse Rating: 150 PSID (10 bar)
Beta Rating: β 4.2 to β35 greater than 1000
  • Fit PTI F7G & F8G filter assemblies
  • Element collapse rating 150 psid (10 bar)
  • 100, 150 & 250 gpm (379, 568 & 946 lpm) nominal flow rates
  • Elements available with Glas-Tech® βx(c) ≥ 1000 media
  • Optional DryPak™ moisture control media

Proper fluid maintenance requires periodic replacement of filter elements to insure maximum contamination control. The P83 Series filter elements are a cost effective replacement for PTI filter assemblies. P83 Series elements provide high efficiency and maximum dirt holding capacity resulting in reduced system wear and downtime. A selection of proprietary media are offered to meet all of your filtration requirements. PTI filters are tested to the latest ISO standards for multipass efficiency testing.

Glas-Tech® High Performance Micro-Fiberglass Media PTI’s proven Glas-Tech® βx(c) ≥ 1000 micro-fiberglass media utilizes multi-layer construction for increased dirt-holding capacity and low pressure drop providing cost-effective contamination control for the most demanding applications. Glas-Tech® can be combined with DryPak™ media to provide particle and moisture protection.

DryPak™ Moisture Control Media elements are available as a cost effective method to provide moisture control within a standard particle element. PTI DryPak™ media enables the filter to continue to remove particles from the fluid with a small increase in ∆P when the element is saturated with water. Elements are available with Glas-Tech® βx(c) ≥ 1000 media to provide maximum particle protection.

100 150 250
Nominal Flow Rates 100 gpm 379 l/min 150 gpm 568 l/min 250 gpm 946 l/min
Collapse Rating 150 psid 10 bar
Operating Temperature -45 to +250 °F -43 to +121 °C
Filtration Rating β4.2 ≥ 1000 β7 ≥ 1000 β9 ≥ 1000 β15 ≥ 1000 β24 ≥ 1000 β35 ≥ 1000

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