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Mounting Surface: Oilgear Standard 600

Max Pressure: 2400 PSI (166 bar)
Rated Flow Rate: 1 gpm (4 l/min)

The HSDPR valve can be used as a pilot control valve to monitor differential loads.

The inlet is port 2 and the outlet is port 3. A screw is used to adjust the compression of the valve spring. If there is no pressure at pilot port 4, the valve opens when the pressure at port 1 exceeds the spring setting. If the pressure at both port 1 and 4, the valve opens when the pressure differential (between ports 1 and 4) exceeds the spring setting.

HSDPR relief valves are available with several springs. The cartridge is constructed of steel parts, and all operating parts are hardened and ground as required. The cartridge is designed for ease of service and field repair.

Rated Flow (Δ 100 psi/7 bar) 1 gpm 4 l/min
Max Operating Pressure 2400 psi 166 bar
Adjustable Pressure Range 2 50 to 200 psi 3 to 14 bar
6 100 to 600 psi 7 to 41 bar
12 200 to 1200 psi 14 to 83 bar
24 400 to 2400 psi 28 to 166 bar
Temperature Range -40 to +350 °F -40 to +175 °C

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