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Filter and Cooling Systems

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Studies have shown that the reduction of dirt, water, and heat in systems where oil plays an important lubrication and/or cooling role is crucial to reduce maintenance costs and to maximize the life of equipment.

Oilquip, Inc. Filter and Cooling Systems are designed for use on existing equipment such as gear boxes, mechanical seals, and hydraulic systems where normal usage can lead to excessive build-up of heat or contamination, including emulsified water, in petroleum based lubricating/cooling media.

Depending upon application requirements, fluid is drawn into the unit, filtered, cooled, and returned to existing machinery without disrupting the normal operation of your equipment.

Construction and Operation

Typical systems consist of a gear pump close-coupled to a totally enclosed,
fan-cooled electric motor, a beta-rated spin-on filter*, a high-capacity water-removal filter*, a shell-and-tube heat exchanger*, a system pressure limiting check valve and system piping.

* Depending upon customer selection

In normal operation fluid is drawn from existing machinery by an electric motor-driven pump. It is then circulated through the filter(s) and/or cooler selected for the application and returned to the machinery. Water circulating through the cooler works to remove heat. Should a blockage or other obstruction stop output from the unit, the system pressure limiting valve permits fluid temporarily from recirculating within the system.

All package units are constructed of modular components for the greatest possible adaptability. Units different from standard packages can be built from inventory to fit your specific needs. Our technicians are on hand to assist you.


The most common options provided on standard systems include:

  • Hoses: Suction and/or discharge hoses (10’ standard length).
  • Dirt Removal Filters: Available in various micron ratings (filtration levels).
  • Water Removal Filters
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Differential Pressure Indicator: Signals that the filter element should be replaced.
  • Dial Thermometer: Indicates fluid temperature
  • Low Flow Switch: Signals that an obstruction or other problem has reduced flow to the unit. The switch can be wired to shut off the electric motor, signal an alarm, etc.
  • Water Modulation Valve: Significantly increases savings on cooling water by automatically regulating its consumption as a function of fluid temperature
  • 20-gallon Reservoir: Can be provided on stationary units for applications where the fluid reserve capacity of the existing machinery is insufficient
  • Immersion Heater: Can alleviate problems of low temperature that can adversely affect system performance (Note: must be accompanied by 20-gallon reservoir)

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