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Stroke Length: 2 to 60 in (50 to 1500 mm)

For position measurement, the absolute, linear Temposonics® position sensors make use of the properties offered by the specially designed magnetostrictive waveguide. Inside the sensor a torsional strain pulse is induced in the waveguide by momentary interaction of two magnetic fields. The interaction between these two magnetic fields produces a strain pulse, which is detected by the electronics at the head of the sensor. One field is produced by a moving position magnet, which travels along the sensor rod with the waveguide inside. The other field is generated by a current pulse applied to the waveguide. The position of the moving magnet is determined precisely by measuring the time elapsed between the application of the current pulse and the arrival of the strain pulse at the sensor head. The result is a reliable position measurement with high accuracy and repeatability.

Inherently robust, non-contact and wear free, the Temposonics® linear position transducers provide best durability and accurate position measurement solutions in harsh industrial environments. The position measurement accuracy is tightly controlled by the quality of the waveguide which is manufactured by Temposonics. The position magnet is mounted on the moving machine part and travels contactlessly over the sensor rod with the built-in waveguide.

Temposonics® ER has the shape of an aluminum cylinder with a guided driving rod and contains both the sensor element and the electronics. The position is detected via the solid extractable driving rod, which contains the position magnet and is mounted to the moveable machine part. Due to the enhanced sealing of the sensor, the ER offers protection to IP67. The sensor can be installed in any orientation and is ideal for long-term operation. Typical fields of application are printing and paper industry, machine tools, rolling mills and plastics industry as well as control systems.


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