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C Series

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Max Operating Pressure: 250 PSI (17 bar)
Bore Size: 0.75 to 4 in (19 to 25 mm)

The C Series is a robust compact cylinder line that is designed to fit tight space requirements. The low profile design and variety of mounting options makes this cylinder line extremely popular. Furthermore, its unique style and diversity makes the C Series a one of a kind compact cylinder line.

Standard Specifications

  • Variety of mounts
  • Bore sizes - 3/4” to 4” (19 to 102 mm)
  • Piston rod diameters - 1/4” to 1” (6 to 25 mm)
  • Maximum pressure rating - 250 PSI air (17 bar)
  • Standard temperature - -10 to +165 °F (-23 to +74 °C)
  • All aluminum construction
  • NPTF ports
  • Flexible port locating


The tube is hard coat anodized aluminum. The hard coating is an electro-chemical process, which produces a very dense surface of aluminum oxide. This surface has extreme hardness (60 RC.), excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction. Additionally, profile tubing is standard on 3/4” through 2-1/2” bore sizes (3” and 4” bores are the tie rod configuration). The profile tubing has a custom dovetail groove on all sides for trouble-free switch and accessory mounting.

End Caps

The end caps are accurately machined from solid aluminum bar stock. They are anodized for corrosion resistance. Additionally, a recess on the piston-mating surface (at both ends) enables the air to work on a larger piston area for effortless breakaway.

Rod Bushing

The C Series includes a sintered bronze rod bushing for maximum load bearing support.

Rod Seal

The quad ring rod seal ensures proper sealing even at low pressures.

Piston Rod

High strength steel (100,000 psi minimum yield) piston rod has a ground, polished, and chrome plated surface. This surface provides maximum life for both the rod bushing and the seals.

Piston Seal

The quad ring piston seal ensures proper sealing even at low pressures.


The solid aluminum alloy piston is strong and durable.

Tie Rods

The tie rods (3” and 4” only) are 100,000 psi minimum yield steel for maximum holding power. The threads are roll formed for superior strength and engagement.

Tube End Seal

The tube end seals are compression type and reusable.


Numatics' enhanced port design enables the cylinder to work more efficiently. Through the use of precise machining depths and tool shape, they are able to smooth the flow path into and out of the cylinder.

Mounting Holes

The dual purpose mounting holes allow use of through bolts or threaded-in attachments.

Product Specifications