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R80 & R82

Quick Overview


Max Supply Pressure: 15 PSIG (10 bar)
Port Size: 1/4 to 3/8 in NPTF, G Tap Threads

The Numatics 80 and 82 Series regulators are high-precision, multi-stage pressure regulators. The highest degree of regulation and repeatability are achievable by reacting to downstream pressure fluctuations as small as 0.01 PSIG (.07 kPa). Action occurs as downstream pressure is piloted to the control chamber to act on a finely tuned stainless steel volume capsule. A continuous bleed of less than 0.08 SCFM (.15 m3/hr) adjusts the pilot diaphragm causing appropriate movement of the supply valve or relief valve. Relief flows of up to 10 SCFM can be achieved through the large exhaust port located in the control diaphragm. Exhaust is achieved through the exhaust vents located in the side of the body.

Recommended Uses

  • Air gauging
  • Gas mixing
  • Web tensioning
  • Roll loading
  • Air hoists 

Product Specifications