Quick Overview


The VC2124 voltage-to-current converter transforms ±10V signals into current signals capable of driving hydraulic servo valves or similar loads. It also provides a convenient way to set the full scale current to match valve requirements, limit maximum current, or set optimum working ranges.


  • Two channels of voltage-to-current conversion
  • Full scale output current switch-selectable from ±10mA to ±100mA in 10mA steps (each channel set independently)
  • Inputs and outputs can be paralleled for output current up to ±200mA
  • Dual-color LEDs indicate input polarity and amplitude
  • LEDs indicate output saturation (typically caused by loss of connection to the valve or excessively high load resistance)
  • Outputs protected against inductive voltage spikes and short circuits
  • Compact DIN-rail mount package
  • Powered by single 24V supply
  • 24V power supply isolated from inputs and outputs

Product Specifications