Quick Overview


The RMC70 Base module includes CPU, communications, and one or two motion axes. Up to four Expansion modules can be added (e.g. analog inputs and DI/O).

The RMC70 Series motion controllers offer a valuable combination of performance and ease-of-use for one- and two-axis systems.

With powerful control modes–including dualloop position-pressure algorithms–and multiple feedback types, the RMC70 Series provides optimum control to a wide range of hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic position and position–pressure/force applications.

Communications with popular PLCs and HMIs is efficient, with support for numerous protocols, easy-to-use address mapping features, and mirroring of PLC addressing. Time-critical sequences can be offloaded from the PLC into the RMC70’s flexible User Programs.

A full set of motion parameters, including acceleration and velocity feed forwards and separate directional gains, delivers smooth, precise motion to boost throughput, improve quality, and extend machine life.

Command-based programming speeds development, and reduces long-term software maintenance. Advanced graphing and diagnostic capabilities can be used to troubleshoot the entire motion system.

Setup and Programming

  • Command-based—minimal program development and maintenance
  • Flexible User Programs—advanced step sequencer with usernamed variables and mathematical expressions
  • Extensive, context–sensitive online help

Control Algorithms

  • Position, velocity, pressure, force, position–pressure, position–force, velocity–pressure, velocity–force, active damping
  • Full parameter set supports high performance motion control

Tuning and Diagnostics

  • Powerful motion graphing and event logging for optimizing the entire motion system
  • Event Log shows real-time activity
CPU Module Ethernet Communication USB Monitor Port
PROFIBUS-DP Communications RS-232 Monitor Port
Serial RS-232/485 Communication RS-232 Monitor Port
Axis Module Analog Input ±10 V Analog Control Output
Magnetostrictive or SSI Input ±10 V Analog Control Output
Quadrature Encoder Input ±10 V Analog Control Output

Product Specifications